There are several ways to schedule. You can:

Call us @ (877) 427-8366

You can email it to [email protected]

Please call regarding rates: (904) 373-0175 for Florida (301) 742-9880 for D.C., MD, VA (877) 427-8366 Nationwide.

Please call our office at (301) 742-9880 to be directed on how to schedule after business hours. Please note that our online scheduling request form is not an automatically confirmed request; it still needs to be processed by our scheduling department.

We have a two-hour cancellation policy.  This means if you call at least two hours before the job is scheduled to commence, there is no charge.  If the confirmed job is cancelled within two hours, the first hour appearance fee will be billed to you.

Yes, if you do not have credit history with us.  You may secure your deposit with a credit card.

Yes; American Express, Mastercard, Visa.


Please submit your transcript request via email to Marguerite at [email protected].  Please provide the name of the case, the date of the deposition or proceeding, and the name of the witness, if available.  If you would like to speak to someone about your transcript, feel free to call our office at (877) 427-8366.

You can inquire on the status of a transcript by emailing the Production Team at [email protected]., or calling us at (877) 427-8366.

Included standard in your transcript order is a large PDF with a Word Index, a condensed PDF with a Word Index, and exhibits.

Unless otherwise specified, regular turnaround time is eight to ten business days.

Yes, you can. Tell us the exact date when you will need the transcript so we can make appropriate production and delivery arrangements to meet your request.


We have full service facilities with conference rooms throughout the USA and abroad.  All of our conference rooms are available for any services utilizing a court reporter and videographer.

Yes, of course. Just call us (877) 427-8366.

Legal Video

Yes, of course. Just call us (877) 427-8366.

To learn more information about video formats call us (877) 427-8366.


Precise Reporting Services offers complete professional high definition worldwide videoconferencing.  These proceedings can be recorded and/or transcribed.

Connect with anybody, anywhere at affordable rates, whether it be Italy, London, Paris or across town, plan to use these cost-saving facilities for your next deposition and meeting of any kind such as job interviews, presentations, corporate and shareholder meetings, etc.  We can arrange for conference room space for video conference service wherever you need to be across the USA and internationally.

For our videoconferencing rates, please feel free to call us at (877) 427-8366 to inquire or email us your questions at [email protected].

We provide High Speed Connections for all videoconferencing.

Yes, we can record your videoconference.


Please email [email protected] or call (877) 427-8366 to inquire about rates for any of these services.

Trial Technology & Trial Presentation

Yes, please call us at (877) 427-8366 to speak with our trial presentation technician or email us your questions and our technician will respond to you.