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Standard Package includes electronic delivery of Regular and Mini transcripts in PDF, plus a Keyword Index and Exhibits.  Please check the appropriate box (es) below to order additional services. Note additional costs will apply.  Please contact us with questions about specific rates.

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Please note submission of this form constitutes an order and once received, charges will apply.  Please note that the person ordering services from Precise Reporting Services accepts responsibility for payment.  Precise Reporting Services is contracting directly with the ordering entity, not with any third person.  Payment is due upon receipt of the invoice, with interest accruing at 1.8% per month after thirty (30) days.  In the event that Precise Reporting Services engages an attorney to collect on unpaid invoice(s), Precise Reporting Services is entitled to attorneys’ fees and costs. To order a deposition or court hearing transcript, please use order form below.

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