What Our Clients Say

“In the last fifty years I have worked with hundreds of court reporters, most of them are quite good. But in overall performance – timeliness on the job, pleasing personality, accuracy of reporting, and speed in delivering the finished product, Marguerite Keller is tops!”
F. Lee Bailey, Esquire
Ms. Keller is prompt, professional, and courteous, during depositions, and precise, fast, and reliable with the transcripts. She is always our first choice.
Christopher E. Brown, Esquire
Partner, Brown Firm
“I have been using Precise Reporting for the past seventeen years. Their services have always been professional and their transcripts clean and accurate. They have also consistently assisted in resolving any unexpected deposition scheduling crises.
Jake Cecere, Esquire
Spigelman & Cecere, LLC
“Precise Reporting does outstanding work!  Their work product is uniformly excellent, and most importantly, they come through in the clutch; last-second depositions, video depositions, out-of-town locations, even prison depositions – they do it all, under the difficult conditions, and with speed and grace.  Marguerite and her staff are a pleasure to work with, and I would recommend their services to everyone.”
Thanos Basdekis, Esquire
I used Ms. Keller’s firm exclusively for many years. Their service was always prompt, dependable, and accurate.
Victor Long, Esquire
Regan, Zambri & Long, PLLC
The most accurate reporting service I have ever used – outstanding! Marguerite is terrific!
Jonathan E. Halperin, Esquire
I have used Precise Reporting for well over a decade now.  I can’t begin to tell you how efficient, punctual, and precise the company’s services are.  Marguerite is so easy to deal with and very accommodating.  In one particular example, I contacted her late one night in desperation, as I was having an unscheduled Examination Under Oath the following morning.  She assured me there wasn’t a problem and 10 o’clock the next day, a Precise Reporter was there!
John I. Frech
Special Investigator